More than a century, five generations

About us

Our family business established by the end of 1800, has already run to five generations of textile know-how and reliability.
The history begun with Luigi, the founder. He started with a still very actual idea: vintage clothes. Luigi and his team of young ladies and nuns would buy secondhand clothes from the rich lords and give them a brand-new life. Then they sold those vintage clothes to people who lived in the countryside.
In a short time, the company changed and became a steady supplier of equipment, tools and accessories for sewing, cutting and ironing branches, and so it went for many years and generations.
Currently, we work closely with many clothing manufacturers, but not only.
Our clientele is diverse: we collaborate with the manufacturers of living rooms, cutting ateliers and embroidery factories, but also with hardware stores and many companies working for the wind, maritime, army and automotive sectors.
We like to think our clients can count on us for the suggestions and tools, in order to join our forces and reach the desired result together. 


We strive to deliver the highest levels of quality, service and support on our products: blades, bristles and sharpening discs for automatic cutting machines, scissors, labels and much more.
We import and distribute well-known brands’ products. Among these, some of the most popular ones can be distinguished: OLFA, KAI, RASOR, SCHMETZ, AMANN,…
We supply a wide range of high-quality equipment that covers every aspect of textile manufacturing. 

In our catalog there is plenty of needles, thread, chalk, scissors, cutting machines, chairs, rulers,…
Our production of paper and cardboard finds very positive feedback for both quality and price, everyday.

Over the years, our staff has specialized also in hot cutting tools for plastic fibers and fabrics, as well as in cutting composite materials, which are two quite demanding fields nowadays.


Based in Italy, but we’re everywhere. Our constant imperative is: JUST IN TIME! We learnt to be all over and in super short time.

We do our utmost to ensure that our customers have what they need in the shortest time possible. To reach this aim, we process national and international shippings daily – up to now, we reach 70 Countries all over the world.

Our sales and marketing teams are available through the week to deal with any and all enquiries and provide you with any information that you need. You can contact our team via telephone, email or on our website’s live chat function.

Resta sempre aggiornato su tutte le novità!